Building the Case for Better Data in MMA

When it comes professional MMA, data is less regularly studied in contrast to other professional sports where digits are topics of conversation. It's our goal to fill this gap and contemporize content for those who are passionate about what happens inside the octagon. Thanks to popular frameworks utilized in "Data Science", discussions and talking points for MMA are elevated to another perspective. With this new outlook, you can explore, understand, and appreciate how unique each fighter is inside the cage.

Our Team

We are a small team of passionate, technology-minded, MMA fans who geek out on data. Combining our devotion for MMA with our love for numbers, we are excited to bring you the best MMA insights through our platform.

Jason Leib


"This dude be like Jonah hill from money ball except for MMA" - u/bananas47

Justin Filteau

Data Architect

Andres Jaramillo

Full Stack Developer

Peter Chi

MMA Data Analyst

In competition for the "Daddest Man on the Planet" award.